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Тема занятия: Визит доктора. У доктора. Контроль знания лексики. Чтение и драматизация диалогов.

Цели занятия:

  • Образовательная: Расширение словарного запаса по теме. Совершенствование механизма восприятия и порождение высказываний, устной речи и чтения.
  • Развивающая: Развитие познавательной активности. Развитие языковой догадки при чтении текстов, развитие речемыслительной деятельности.
  • Воспитательная: Воспитание активности у учащихся, интереса к языку и самостоятельности в выполнении парных упражнений. Преодоление языкового барьера .Воспитание здорового образа жизни.

Вид занятия: комбинированный урок

Наглядные пособия : грамматические таблицы ( неправильные глаголы, времена действительного залога)

Раздаточный материал: клише диалогов, карточки с упражнениями, текст

ТСО: аудиомагнитофон с записями

Литература: Ю. Голицынский «Грамматика», Starkov A. P. ,Dixon R. R. ,Ostrovsky B. S. “English”(6), I. N. Vereshchagina, O. V. Afanasyeva “English”(5)

Межпредметные связи: русский язык

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент.

1.1 Good morning! I’ m happy to see you again. Who is on duty today? What day of week is it? What date is it? Who is absent today? What’ s the matter with her? How do you like the weather of today?

1.2 Сообщение цели урока. The aim of our lesson today is revising irregular verbs and Indefinite Active Tenses. Besides the main aim of the lesson is developing speech habits and forming communication skills on topic” a visit to the doctor”

1.3 Work at phonetic: Listen to me and repeat after me: Heart, headache, hurt, heal, hair, health

To trouble, toe, tongue, to touch

Recover, to prescribe, to break

Lung, tongue, finger,

Throat, mouth

2. Повторение пройденного материала( 10 -15 мин.)

2.1 Повторение неправильных глаголов с опорой на таблицу.

2.2 Выполнение упражнения Л. 1 стр. 163

2.3Контроль лексики ( словарный диктант) (Помощь,головнаяболь,лекарство,болезнь,вылечить,больной,кашель,выписывать,выздоравливать,давление,чувствовать, чихать ,живот, беспокоить ,поранить, легкое, кровь, грудная клетка, ломать)

3. Изложение нового материала (40 -45 мин.)

3.1Чтение текста “ The doctor’s visit” (про себя)

3.2 Answer to the questions:

1. What did Lena tell her mother one morning?

2. Why did her mother say that she had caught a cold.

3. What was Lena’s temperature?

4. Where did Lena’s mother telephoned to?

5. How did the doctor examine Lena?

6. What did she say after examination?

7. What medicine did the doctor prescribe?

8. Where did they get the pills?

9. How often did Lena have to take the medicine?

10. What happened in the next few days?

3.3 Чтение коротких диалогов по теме.

4. Закрепление пройденного материала (15-20 мин.)

4.1 Драмматизация диалогов (парная работа)

4.2 Контроль диалогов

5. Подведение итогов, выставление оценок( 5 мин.)

6. Домашнее задание (повторить диалоги)

Клише диалогов

Calling first aid

- Hello

- First aid here . What happened?

- A man here is having a serious heart troubling

- Name and age

- Sidorov, 58 years old.

- Address?

-42 ,May Street apartment 16

- A car will arrive in 10 minutes

I don’ t feel well

- What’s the matter with you ,sonny, where does it hurt?

- I don’t feel well.

- Where is the pain?

- I’ve got a very bad headache and my nose is running.

- You have got a cold .Take this pill. Have a cup of hot tea with honey and go to bed.

Felling bad

- Hello. How are you?

- I’m not doing well .I’ve got a cold.

- Oh ,I’m sorry to hear that .You must go to the doctor at once.

- Well ,I’m sure, I’ll recover in no time.

- Take care of yourself. I hope you fell better soon

- Thank you.


- Hey, what’s the matter with you?

- I’ve got a toothache.

- Why don’t you go to the dentist then?

- I’m afraid to take a teeth out ,it hurts.

At the Chemist’s

- Will you make up this prescription please?

- Just a minute…Here you are. One table spoon before meals three times a day.

- Thank you.

- As for this tablets , you can get them without a prescription in the other department.

At the doctor’s

Doctor: Would you like to come in?

Patient: Thank you

D.: That cough sounds really very bad. How long have you had it?

P.: For about two weeks.

D.: I think I should listen to your chest and to your lungs .Take of your shirt. Breathe in deeply, that’s right…and again please, Sit down I’m going to take your blood pressure.

P.: Can I put my shirt on? It’s rather cold here.

D.: Oh, certainly you can. Sorry about the cold. The central heating is broken.Do you ever take any exercise?

P.: Not regulary.

D.: Now I want to take your pulse. Stand up ,please, and touch your toes. Do you smoke?

P.: Yes I do.

D.; You shouldn’t smoke at all. I want to take your temperature .Take this medicine 3 times a day after meals.

At the Chemist’s

- Good afternoon.

- Good afternoon. Can I help you?

- Yes I’ve got a terrible headache.

- How long have you had it.

- Only about two or three hours

- Try this medicine.

- How much does it cost.

- Three pounds ,please

- Here you are. Thank you.

-Good morning

-Good morning .What can I do for you?

-I’d like a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste.

-Is that all, Miss

-Yes that’s all.Thanks


The doctor’s visit

When it was time for Lena to get up one morning ,she told her mother that she was not feeling well.Her mother felt her forehead ,which was very hot, and said ,”Yes you were coughing during the night, perhaps you have caught a cold .”Then she took a daughter’s temperature.

“Your temperature is too high ,”she said ,”you can’t go to school today, you must stay in bed and I’ll call a doctor .”Then Lena’s mother phoned the home visiting service of the district polyclinic. “Will you , please, send a doctor ,”she said .”My daughter, 15 years old, has a temperature 37 point 9. She was coughing during the night and has a terrible headache .”Then she gave the address and the voice in the telephone promised that the doctor would come during the day.

Some times later the bell rang and Lena’s mother opened the door to a woman about her age who was wearing a white doctor’ s coat under her winter coat and carrying a small bag in her hand.” So you have a cough and a temperature?” she asked, entering Lena’s room .”Well let see what the matter is.”

She took Lena’s temperature, counted her pulse, and then examined the patient.When she had finished her examination she said to Lena’s mother,”Your daughter has the flu. She must stay in bed for three or four days and take the medicine I shall prescribe .”The doctor wrote out the prescription and continued ,”Take the prescription to the chemist’s and you will be given some pills .Give your daughter one pill four times a day before meals .The daughter will not want to eat while her temperature is high, but give her a lot to drink. Keep her warm in bed, but leave the window open. I shall come to see her the day after tomorrow, but if she gets worse you must ring up the polyclinic immediately. However , I don’t think she will get worse. Tomorrow she will cough less and in a day or two she will feel quite herself again. ”everything happened as the doctor said. Lena took her medicine as prescribed, her temperature become normal, and the cough stopped. On the fourth day she was able to get up, three days later she could go out , and in two days she returned to school ,glad to see her friend and teachers again.

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